Queen's Summit

Please find the Video Of our Queen's Summit:

The theme of this year's Queen's Summit was "Pathways to Aya" and was held on August 27 2016. The event included a number of speakers and activities that reinforced the following:

           Pathway to Purpose

This workshop affirmed exercise for young women to identify their passion, purpose and goals. 

Pathway to Peace

Young women in this workshop discussed sustaining ourselves and affirming womanhood in healthy ways. 

Pathway to Power

In this workshop young women work on identifying different types of leadership. Discussions about character and integrity, womanhood and leadership took place as participants grappled with the type of leader they want to become, and ideas of leadership are broadened beyond a default personality type. 

Pathway to Prestige

In this workshop young women will discuss developing and maintaining positive relationships with your peers, employers, and teachers. Ideas of sisterhood and community was discussed in this workshop, as well tapping into people through social media and developing a personal brand.