Greetings Aya Family,

I always say that the best gift that my mother ever gave me was a voice and the second best gift that she gave was the encouragement to use that voice. Throughout history, women of color have been taught to contain their inner strength, especially in the work place or in their professional endeavors. Whether it’s asking for a higher salary when she is offered a new job, being audacious enough to run for an elected position, or having the courage to start a business of her own, I wanted to build an organization of women who are unapologetic about their ambitions. Women that can lift as they climb because they understand their responsibility to the next generation. Women who wanted to expand their skill sets in order to confidently walk in their purpose. I wanted to inspire someone; I soon realized that this journey would be less about me inspiring others but it became a call to action for all of us to renew our sense of interdependence and inspire each other. Through Aya, professional women of color throughout Washington DC supports young ladies at Howard University and Southeast, DC. 

We look forward to your support and participation in our organization.


Dana Hall

Founder and Executive Director

Aya Inc.